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I am not good enough. If only I had...then I would be happy. Life sucks. I am not smart enough. I can’t do that. I am too afraid. What’s wrong with me? Does any of this sound familiar? This is common self-talk many people have woven into their daily habits. Most people are surprised to learn how frequent these types of thoughts come and go throughout the day. It is no wonder so many people feel like they can’t get ahead and are stuck in life!

I have found that most people want something to be different, they just don’t know where to start. Common struggles are too much stress, poor nutrition, not enough time, stressful job, unfulfilling relationships, no sense of purpose, and lots of fear. Many end up facing some sort of health crisis and are often left asking themselves; how did I get here?

Starting at a very early age we become programed by parents, teachers, friends and society about the type of person we should be. We go through our life playing roles like mother, daughter, father, son, business owner or employee. We spend our life trying to live up to the expectations and demands required to carry out these roles. Once we step into a role, we begin to surround ourselves with the people who will confirm our significance in that role because we tend to seek outside validation. We become so adept at wearing masks for the roles we play that over time we lose sight of our true self.

When who we are is measured by a source outside ourselves, we become lost. The work is to remove these masks, let go of the beliefs and programs we hold that do not serve who we truly are. Only through authenticity can we bring our life into balance and discover our divine purpose and passion.

There are many aspects involved in bringing your life into balance and they are all connected to the underlying belief system you have about it. Where my work starts is with a conversation. Beneath the words we use to tell our story are the clues to how we can rewrite it.

Our health and wellbeing are affected by our thoughts. Thoughts create our emotions and emotions trigger the release of chemicals into our bodies. The emotions either support our growth and health or breakdown our immune system, which sets us up for sickness and disease.

I look for patterns of thought that reveal your current belief systems and help you discover which beliefs are creating road blocks and self-destructive tendencies and which are treasures worth developing. Together we dive into the realm of possibility to develop your future potentials map that is aligned with your true passion and purpose.

About Marla

I spent the early part of my life working in the corporate world. The last five years of that time was in San Francisco. In 1999 I quit my job and moved back to the Midwest where I grew up. I had no idea what I wanted to do but I was driven by a deep longing for my life to be much more fulfilling. I took a leap of faith and embarked on a new journey that began with certification in massage therapy and natural medicine. My new business venture quickly expanded into a successful wellness clinic in Milwaukee Wisconsin. Nine years later I again found myself being called to step into something significantly more expansive. This time I became entangled in the anxiety of staying in a comfort zone of familiarity or stepping into the fear of the unknown. It would take me nearly 3 years to unravel the thoughts of the mind and the messages of the heart and eventually I realized that by walking toward the fear I would experience the most personal growth.

My choice to say yes to the unknown opened a door to a whole new potential and by moving forward I gained an entirely new level of personal empowerment. In a very short time I sold my business, my home and all my belongings. My choice to say yes to the unknown took me traveling and also landed me back in the role of full-time student. This time I was learning Shamanic Energy Medicine with some of the best teachers in the world. I have been incredibly blessed to team up with some powerful healers in beautiful places providing hundreds of clients from around the country with an opportunity for personal transformation and improved health.

Through childlike curiosity I continue to walk the path of student and teacher, sharing the knowledge and insight as I embody the teachings and bring forth the wisdom. This is my passion and purpose.

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